Hi everyone, Today is a little pale: let's talk about how to drive traffic. Let's analyze the scheme of how sweepstakes are poured from Instagram stories in the bourgeoisie and do not bother with link bans. I think if you know how to build analogies and look for similar solutions, then you can easily apply this approach to any vertical and traffic source.

Published on: 1/23/23, 10:58 PM

Hello everyone, Today we will analyze a powerful script for your gaskets - Drewlex . The creator of this miracle is unknown, the script was found by me in the junctions , and then I saw it in the proclas of one of the well-known software, I admit that it was created by someone from the layout department of this software, after which it was distributed on the Internet. The author himself describes his creation as follows:

"A radically new product that surpasses the potential of a whole stack of layout designers in terms of performance."

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:49 AM

Hello everyone, Today I will tell you how I verify BMs. A few words about why I do this. I wouldn't do this shit in my life, but we all know that even if you run the whitest offers, Facebook has a habit of banning ad accounts. I send all of them to be unbanned, but there is a nuance: after several such unbans, Facebook starts demanding to verify the BM when trying to send a ticket! You have to be a little perverted, send the docks, wait until everything is confirmed and, finally, be able to send tickets to unban until you're blue in the face. Which is exactly what I need.

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:40 AM

Everyone needs them and there are never too many of them. This manual will help you at the moment when you have used up your imagination. Go through all the steps in a row, and by the end you will have at least 21 approaches, no matter what you pour. Have a piece of paper or a text file handy? Have an offer?

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:36 AM

Greetings, dear audience! Today we will deal with adding such an important thing as comments to our advertising posts.

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:33 AM

Want to know how to scale your Facebook ads? You are in the right place: in this free and highly detailed guide, I will give you 5 different methods you can use in 2023 to scale.

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:30 AM

What if I told you that you could optimize your Facebook shopping campaigns not for leads, but for buyouts? Cast campaigns on gambling without apps, and at the same time optimize for deposits? Or, let's say, to optimize for regs in the crypt even in those PPs that cannot have a pixel on the broker's website? Interesting? Read on.

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:29 AM

For the most part, Russian-speaking affiliates are not good at retargeting. Collect emails, phone numbers and full names of users? No, I didn't hear it. Why waste time on this when you can upload a couple more campaigns? Working with look-alike audiences, sending emails and push mailings - all this does not bring short-term results in the moment and therefore moves into the far dusty corners of consciousness.

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:26 AM

Greetings, dear audience! Today we will learn how to cloak without any tools at hand, with one line of code. True, this magic will work only for Android devices, but this is already quite good, isn't it?

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:23 AM

Caps are the daily routine of an affiliate marketer. If you're streaming regularly and with good volume, then making sure you don't generate more leads than you're supposed to is a pain in the ass.

Published on: 1/16/23, 1:21 AM